Winners of the Blast L2 Big Bang Competition

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Insrt is a familiar lootbox experience with a unique crypto twist where you can win anything fromdigital art tophysical items or evenreal life experiences

Win bets up to 1000x

Win the expensive, exclusive or otherwise inaccessible value with just a single click

Mint anything or select what you want to win

Claim your ticket to get your prize or sell it

Hodl $MINT and accrue more $MINT or redeem it for ETH

You always get



Earn a stablecoin backed by ETH every single time you play or when someone else plays

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This is just the start

We are in early beta with new features coming soon

October '23

MVP launch

Q1 '24

BLAST deploy with PWA & embedded wallets
V2 game mechanics
Fiat on-ramp

Q2 '24

Creator platform launch
$MINT store
Social features

Q3 '24

Position funding


Integration with web2 and web3 social channels

The odds are determined and set by asset depositors. Minters can asses the odds prior to minting. The system uses Chainlink VRF to assure randomness when determining outcomes of mint attempts - all of this being provably fair to users and can be verified on-chain.

The math behind it

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